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We are experts in providing Direct Referrals for your Bux or PTC (paid-to-click) sites. You don't need to promote your referral link to get direct referrals. We will arrange and manage your direct referrals. We will make sure that you get the most active and high-quality direct referrals. This is the easiest way to get direct referrals without wasting your valuable time and money. You will soon discover a super simple way to get more and more active direct referrals.

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Buy Referrals at very low price

We set very low price for all active referrals. You need to pay only minimum price to buy one referral. Which is very much competitive in current market.

No bots, all referrals are human and 100% active

We provide only human referrals which are very much active. We arrange and manage only active referrals.

We are online since 13 years

We are providing our service since 13 years. This is our 14th year and we are doing our job as same as before.

Manage your direct referrals in a simple way

We arrange and manage all your active direct referrals in a simple and friendly environment. All work done in backend and in secure environment, so you don't need to do any hard work.

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