Cryptocurrency payment gateways added in association with Coinbase

2021-06-23 07:48:11

Dear Member,

As the rise of cryptocurrency and the acceptance as a payment gateway is growing, we decided to add it in our system. The Cryptocurrency payment gateways is available now in association with Coinbase.

some clarification for offer related sites before providing referrals

2015-06-22 22:35:46

Dear Member,

As you all know that our referrals service best work for PTC (paid to click) sites. We notice that many members made order for offer related sites also. But we can still provide referrals to make them sign in under your referral link. But we can not guarantee you that they will do those offers. They have their own choice we can not force them.

Send Report on Referral's Inactivity

2014-05-26 18:35:46

Dear Members,

We introduce another new feature, Report Of Inactive Referrals. You can send a report on inactivity of your referrals within the Referrals List. Currently, you can send report if any referrals remain inactive since 3 days, there are a Report button in referrals list beside every inactive referrals. Just click that button and report will send instantly and also a notification will be send to the referrals and Referralshop administration.

Notification about referrals inactivity and pending orders

2014-01-03 12:35:46

Dear Members,

We want to inform you about referrals inactivity. You may notice that referrals are not very much active this week. This is happening cause of holiday seasons, christmas and new year. This is very normal and we notice that this is happening every years at same time.

We request to our all members to cooperate with us.

Now Refund become more easy, Get Refund by yourself

2013-02-19 11:35:46

Dear Member,

We make refund process more easy for inactive referrals. You don't need to request for a refund against inactive referrals. You can do this process by yourself through Rented Referral List. We create an extra column, called "Refund" for refund process in Rented Referral List page. Whenever a referral become inactive, you will see a "Get Refund" option in "Refund" column. You just need to click on "Get Refund" option and the refund amount will be added with your fund balance and the referral will be deleted. After that you can use your new fund amount to shop for referrals.

We are updated referral list display

2012-07-17 20:35:46

Dear Member

We are updated referral list display. We added a column(status) to show the current status of the referral. Through this column you can monitor which referrals are active and which referrals are inactive. We are going to add more features.

We are changed our hosting server

2012-03-06 10:35:46

Dear Member,

We are just changed our hosting server and all referrals are up and start clicking. But still we have lots of work to do. During this process we face some database issue. So, if any member getting any problem please contact us through our contact page.

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